support endometriosis

I realise I hardly know you… but would you like me to hold your hand?  Offer you support?  Be on your team?

It’s probably taken you years to get to this moment in your life.  Years of terrible period pain, weight gain (despite your best efforts to eat well), uncomfortable and embarrassing digestion problems (you know what I mean; debilitating constipation, extremely inconvenient diarrhea, unsightly bloating) and what feels like hundreds of doctors visits to be told its all in your head, just do more exercise and eat less or maybe it’s IBS.


But now you know… its endometriosis or poly cystic ovarian syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder or unexpectedly bad peri-menopause.


Or maybe you still don’t know…  all you know is life gets pretty tough at certain times of the month and no one really seems to understand.


And I bet the doctor has told you to take this pill, use this implant, lose a little bit of weight and you’ll be just fine.


Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!  I know how frustrating and lonely that can feel.  Because I’ve been there (and to be honest, I’m still there).


Imagine this instead.

Imagine having a coach, a professional, to support you.  Someone by your side so you don’t feel like you’re in this thing alone.  Someone to listen to you while you cry tears of pure exasperation.  Someone to hold your hand.

Imagine having a professional to help you develop your own plan of attack.  To help you understand what is going on in your body, to give you food and exercise advice to support your condition and to help you get back on the wagon when you fall off.

Imagine having your own personal support person who will be there when you are having the crappiest, pain-riddled, moodiest day.  And who understands every thing you are going through.

That person is me.


You see, I have stage 4 endometriosis.  I was diagnosed in 2009 but looking back on it I had it for many years before that.  And in 2011 I lost one of my ovaries to the disease.  That’s when I realised things had to change.


In 2012 I quit my corporate sales job in Sydney and moved to country Western Australia to retrain as a health coach, personal trainer and yoga teacher and start my own business Blue Sky Vitality.  This was so I could manage my own illness and help other women live the best possible life they can.  I’ve been working with women for the past 3 years to help them get fitter, stronger and happier.


And now I am ready to help YOU.  As your own private support crew.  To help you through the tough times. To give you practical advice that you can implement (and hold your hand when you fall off the wagon).


Introducing the “Hug Your Hormones” 

VIP Support Program

Here’s what you get:

  • 6 private coaching sessions with me, your personal health coach, trainer and yoga teacher so that you can get a personalised care plan that supports you in the way you need it most.
  • The sessions will cover topics like understanding your body, food that works for you, exercise that will make you energised and strong and practical stress management techniques so that you can live the life you really want in a body that supports your lifestyle.
  • I will help you co-ordinate your own personal health care plan so that you get the treatment and support you need for your unique body.
  • You will have the opportunity to try my Cleanse detox program to help you find the foods that are best for your unique body so that you can look and feel amazing (more often than not).
  • Lifetime access to my Go With The Flow Yoga Program so that you can start (or continue) regular, gentle exercise that won’t tax your already strained energy reserves
  • A doTERRA Clary Calm blend known to help balance and support you during sensitive times of the hormonal cycle.


Have just been around for a catch up with a friend & first thing she said was that I was looking looked amazing, slimmer & healthy apparently I radiate happiness

Tracey – after completing the Cleanse Detox


Emma’s ability to ‘connect’ via the web made for a really inclusive experience – paramount when living remotely makes joining fitness classes non existent. There was lots of opportunity for consultation and plenty of practical advice every week, including suggestions for additional info or ideas. This is like signing up for a class but you get to pick and choose the time of day that best suits you – you can’t ever be late or miss a class!!

Kristy – after completing the Go With The Flow Program


The most significant change I noticed during the program was my diet.  How eating wholefoods helped to clear my mind.  No more foggy head or tiredness at random times during the day.  My energy is boosted and I am feeling awesome.  I knew I need a drastic change in my habits and while it was scary at times, Emma was with me each step of the way encouraging me and guiding me to the best path for me.  Give it a go – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is!

Peggy – after her 6 month private coaching program


Hug Your Hormones 

Join now or choose a 3 part payment plan of $499 per month.


If you would like to “try before you buy” please schedule a FREE 30 minute Hug Your Hormones Discovery Session to chat with me and see if I am the right coach for you.

I worked with Emma for 6 months.  I went through a few stages of working with her.  First was the realisation that I had to do most of the work and that Emma was my guide.  After about 2 months I wondered how I was going to live without her and worried that I couldn’t do it on my own.  About half way through the program I realised that I COULD do it on my own and then the magic started to happen.  My diet is now excellent and my whole outlook on life has been transformed for the better.  Emma helped me tweak some thought processes and my stress has drastically reduced.  I believe the service Emma provides is for everyone.

Beth – after completing a 6 month private coaching program

We’ve collectively lost 11kg in this household over the past 12 days!!! Hooray  Mum lost 5 whilst Hubby and I lost 3 each… Stoked!!!  And completely changing the way we eat. Thanks Emma

Marina – after completing the Cleanse


Thank you for your gentle guidance & understanding. Emma really listens & then provides options that I can take (or leave) to help me to find who I am & where I want to be without trying to force us in any particular direction. I love Emma’s no pressure “loving kindness” approach. I will definitely be doing this course again.

Sam – after completing the Go With The Flow program


Hug Your Hormones 

Join now or choose a 3 part payment plan of $499 per month.


Contact us with any questions you might have.